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Here you'll find a selection of frequently asked questions we're often asked about advanced driver training as well as other aspects of driving. If you can't find the answer you're looking for please get in touch with us.


Q) How do I make a booking?

A) Please use the contact us page or email with your specific training requirements and we'll provide you with a list of available dates and appointments for you to choose from. You can complete our online registration form or download our candidate registration form here and simply use the .pdf fill and sign feature to complete this beforehand should you wish. Upon receipt of your candidate registration form an invoice will be issued and your course booking will be confirmed upon receipt of payment (payment due upon receipt and no later than 7 days from issue of invoice or before training commences; whichever occurs sooner). We look forward to meeting you and assisting you in developing your driving. 


Q) I have received an eGift Card, how do I redeem this?

A) Simply get in contact with us to book your course and provide the eCard serial number as proof of purchase. The value of your eGift Card will be deducted from your final invoice. Please note, eGift cards are non-transferable and in the event of an eGift card having more credit than course value no refund will be issued for the difference. Where eGift cards have insufficent credit towards total course fees a balance will be payable before training commences.

Q) Do you offer any discount to the UK Emergency Services or the Military?

A) Yes, WardADT is pleased to offer a *10% discount on all courses and training days that are delivered to members of the UK emergency services family (Police, NHS, Fire, Coast Guard, Bomb Disposal, Mountain Rescue and Army/Military  personnel). Please get in touch with us to arrange this so your discount can be applied to your invoice. *Proof of identification will be required (warrant / ID card etc). Does not apply to emergency response driver training or Section 19 HSDT assessments. Discount can also be applied to WardADT eGift Cards, please contact us for discount voucher code before purchase.

Q) What vehicle is the course or training completed in?

A) By default, all training is completed on-road and in the students' personal vehicle. Upon request specific high performance vehicles (either manual or automatic transmissions) can be provided however this will be subject to further costs on top of course fees. If you do not have a suitable vehicle and require a specific request please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Q) I'm not a member of the emergency services or military, can I complete blue light emergency response or rapid response driver training?

A) No, WardADT receive an overwhelming amount of enquiries from people interested in pursuing emergency response driver training (blue lights) as something they've always wanted to do however unfortunately this training cannot be delivered to just anyone and must comply with specific requirements in law and only delivered to authorised persons and organisations covered within Road Traffic Act 1988, Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 and Road Safety Act 2006.

Q) What areas do you cover and where does training take place?

A) Training takes place in the candidates' own vehicle at a meeting place from Ongar, Essex CM5 where you can expect to cover a variety of challenging roads throughout the South East of England and London. I have clients come from all over the country for training, and using the road network of North/East London and the South East of England provides an excellent array of country lanes, urban town driving as well as fast dual carriageway and motorways. Regrettably, I am unable to travel to candidates locations due to time commitments and all training commences from my central training location. Please ensure you have you driving licence, certificate of insurance and MoT certificate (if applicable) with you on the day of your training.

Q) Is there accommodation nearby?

A) As training is delivered form Chipping Ongar, a semi-rural location in the heart of Essex a lot of our clients choose to stay at nearby accommodation to save additional fuel and travelling costs. We can certainly recommend The Mulberry House which is a short 5 minute drive from our training location and is set in picturesque surroundings providing Bed & Breakfast as standard with optional evening meals. Should you prefer other options of accommodation the neighbouring towns, Harlow, Brentwood and Chelmsford all offer hotels within 20-30 minute drives. Please use training post code CM5 9AR to see how far your accommodation is from training location. 

Q) I've only recently passed my driving test or am an inexperienced motorist, is Advanced Driving suitable for me?

A) Absolutely! If anything you're at an ideal time in your driving career to develop your driving as 'hopefully' you will not have had the opportunity to develop bad habits in your driving. Even if you believe you have developed weaknesses these will be addressed and advanced techniques taught to you so you can see the benefits that applying the system of car control affords not only to your ability to plan effectively but deliver a safe and smooth drive.

Q) I've been driving for years, what are the benefits of Advanced Driving for me?

A) I often hear this from people, especially the first time they actually have an accident or have lost confidence in their driving through a minor incident. Most people would say they are a 'good' driver and base this standard on many years of motoring without incident. Although advanced driving isn't all about accidents and the prevention thereof it does provide a systematic approach which, if followed, will greatly reduce the likelihood of such incidents and make driving more enjoyable in general.  Just because someone has held a licence for 30 years doesn't make them a good driver, lucky perhaps, but not necessarily good. By introducing the system of car control to you we'll instantly start correcting any bad habits you may have developed over the years and seek to rectify these along the way whilst teaching you to adopt a new way to drive whereby you'll be planning for things on the road rather than reacting to them. Have you ever caught yourself out whilst driving by using the words "suddenly" and "out of nowhere?" - I'm sure you have, as indeed have most people. The IPSGA system helps to eliminate these words from your driving as you'll start to develop an increased awareness of what is happening and planning for any developing hazards . Advanced drivers don't just learn to become such to get a certificate or obtain cheaper insurance (although both things are welcomed) - they seek to develop their driving as an ongoing skill which must be kept up to date for both safety and an enjoyment of driving. We never stop learning and complacency will be the downfall of any driver for RoadCraft teaches us "quiet efficiency is the hallmark of the expert!".

Q) I can join IAM RoadSmart or RoSPA RoADAR as an associate member and get free training included, why should I pay for advanced driving lessons?

A) This is an excellent question and certainly one I would ask. If you are new to advanced driving, already sat a test or just picking up where you left off there are two routes of training available to you. You can join IAM RoadSmart or RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders as an associate member buying their various advanced driving test packages and you will be allocated a local group with an 'observer' or 'tutor' to help you prepare for your test 'or' you can have private advanced lessons. Both organisations work very hard to ensure the group officials prepare candidates to the best of their ability and both charities have their own qualifying and assessment criteria for appointing the observers and tutors. I was an examiner for both organisations for many years and generally the standard presented on test day is very high indeed, certainly to the credit to the group volunteers. What the 'observers' and 'tutors' are not however are professionally qualified advanced driving instructors, nor have they driven to the system under difficult or emergency response based situations operationally. With many years of operational advanced police driving behind me I will prepare a candidate not simply to pass a test, but to drive in a safe, systematic, smooth, progressive manner that's legal at all times and to a higher standard than is required to achieve a test pass. Perhaps more importantly this standard of driving will be adapted by that driver for the rest of their life and positively change their driving behaviour. By training with WardADT we work at your pace, be that intensively or over a period of time whereby you'll be prepared to the highest possible standard, taking your test when both of us think you're ready.

Q) What are the costs of taking the advanced driving tests independently?

A) You can apply to take the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving Test (without associate group membership or previous IAM training preparation) at a reduced cost of *£128.50 (normal price *£175.00) by clicking this link: IAM RoadSmart Test Only - please note you will have to be fully prepared by independent training to be successful on test.

IAM test standards are F1RST (awarded for an accomplished and polished drive to a high standard), PASS or FAIL. The IAM also offer the MASTERS test (previously known as Special Assessment) which is awarded at either Pass or Distinction, this test is only recommended for those driving at the highest civilian standards and would usually follow intensive training and already achieving a test pass at F1RST. WardADT can prepare candidates well above MASTERS standards.

A) You can apply to take the RoSPA Advanced Drivers & Riders (RoADAR) Advanced Driving Test (without RoADAR group associate membership or tutor preparation) at a cost of *£64.17 by clicking this link: RoSPA RoADAR Test Only

RoSPA test standards are GOLD (their highest civilian award), SILVER, BRONZE or FAIL. Again, prior independent advanced driver training is essential to be successful on test.

*Test prices correct as of 2022 - please see institutes' websites for updates and any price changes.

Q) I've already passed my advanced test, what else is there for me to learn?


A) Quite simply, plenty! As previously mentioned passing the advanced test is just the beginning of perfecting your driving craft. Similarly with one or more tests under your belt you may aspire to take some of the more challenging tests available - i.e. The IAM MASTERS or achieve the coveted RoSPA GOLD? You may be a professional driver or instructor looking to move into the Emergency Response Driving world and need to develop your skills to a higher standard to prepare? Similarly, you may be an ADI or driver trainer who's looking for Continued Professional Development? Whatever your reason there's still plenty to learn and aspects of your driving we can develop. Most tests now require triennial retesting to remain a member - are you still performing to the required standard? I look forward to helping you ensure this is the case or developing you further.

Q) What happens after I've completed my training?

A) If you're an individual you'll be more than suitably prepared to take one of the various advanced driving tests available with IAM RoadSmart, RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders or The Driving Instructors Association DIAmond tests and, having prepared for test by yourself, can save money by electing to take their 'test only' option without tutoring or mentoring (see the various institutes websites for details). For professional drivers, i.e. driving instructors, driver trainers or fleet driver trainers upon successful completion of our half and full training days you'll be issued with a 4 hour or 8 hour training certificate for inclusion in your Continued Professional Development portfolio showing your ongoing dedication to your training and development. You may also chose to take one of the various advanced tests available, particularly the DVSA Cardington Special which is only available to ADI's. 

Q) I didn't see my question here?

A) Please get in touch with me and I'll happily assist with your query.

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