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Watch James Ward apply the system of car control in our YouTube videos. Here you'll see James drive a variety of roads under different lighting and weather conditions as well as emergency response conditions demonstrating how the IPSGA system of car control is applied throughout. Check back regularly as we intend to add more videos breaking down specific elements of IPSGA to assist the learning process. If you have a specific request or question please get in touch with us.

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Watch James Ward, authorised FutureQuals National Principal Assessor (NPA) demonstrate a simulated training emergency response drive to week 3 students completing their FQ L3 CERAD emergency response driving course. Video published in compliance with Polaris FutureQuals centre approval AC352.001 claiming lawful training exemptions afforded under the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984, Road Traffic Act 1988 and Road Safety Act 2006 (yet to be enacted).


James Ward provides a detailed instructional session on the complicated subject of assessing bends and limit points according to the system of car control based on emergency response driving principles. This video explains how to break down the bends into six words; Gradual/Acute, Blind/Open, Left/Right as well as explaining a technique of using four types of limit point assessment to maintain stability and afford safe, systematic progress when able.


Here you'll see James provide a 999 emergency response demonstration drive to NHS response course students in a marked Skoda Octavia 2.0D DSG Auto (4x4) first responder ambulance from Ilford to Queens General Hospital, Romford demonstrating all phases of the system of car control whilst correctly dealing with all actual and potential dangers (hazards) according a correct driving plan to safely negotiate and deal with other road users.


Here you'll see James demonstrate and commentate about bends and limit points, correct assessment of them and applying a systematic driving plan accordingly. 


Here you'll see James apply the system of car control at night and in low lighting conditions assessing the various hazards that accompany such driving conditions to make safe progress.

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