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What did this cost the driver and operator?

Whether you have a small fleet of company vehicles or a large one to manage, if you are employing drivers for the purpose of meeting the needs of your business on the road, you have a duty of care to your employees and various aspects of law to comply with, by keeping your drivers and vehicle fleet safe. Ward Advanced Driver Training can assist you in offering sound advice around best driving practices as well as delivering both on-road assessments and classroom training providing invaluable information that will train your drivers to a higher standard, make them think about their actions on the road, present the perfect professional image of your business and save on company running costs through safe and fuel efficient driving techniques as well as reducing wear and tear on company vehicles.

The Benefits of Fleet Driver Training

Ward Advanced Driver Training have extensive operational  experience in all categories of vehicles from Cars (PLG) to LGV's, right up to HGV Class 1 (C+E) and PCV's, so you can rest assured whatever the vehicles your company uses - we've got you covered!

Training your fleet drivers will assist:

  • Reducing accidents and the costs thereof

  • Making your drivers more confident and proficient

  • Complying with regulatory requirements - including, driving licence checks, vehicle safety (daily inspections), driving assessments, CPC advice and Health & Safety regulations

  • Creating driver risk assessments

  • Increasing driver efficiency

  • Reducing overall company running costs

  • Lower insurance premiums

  • Further training needs assessments and development plans

Each service is tailored to the individual business so why not get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.

Fleet Driver Training 

Daily Rate

(7 hours)


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Fleet Driver Training 

Half Day

(4 hours)


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DVSA Fleet Badge

This 4 day DVSA accredited fleet instructors course is delivered in partnership with EliteADT and upon successful completion entitles an Approved Driving Instructor to claim their Fleet Accredited Badge by exemption opening their business up to commercial driving and fleet assessment opportunities. This course comprises of three elements; Theory Examination, Practical Driving Assessment & Development and Instructional Development and Coaching to teach and assess candidates at the commercial driving level. Upon successful completion the candidate will receive a formal DVSA accredited certificate allowing them entrance to the fleet register giving you that professional edge. Please note that fleet badge fees of £120 are not included and this course fully complies with strict DVSA guidelines for parts 1, 2 and 3.

£995.00 (+VAT)

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